Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Vent in the Family?

A week or so ago I posted a blog entry about my daughter, who gave her first vent performance at her school.

I also have a 6 year old son, Austin, who is an aspiring ventriloquist as well.

I wanted to give him a really special gift this year, so I sent my good friend Clinton Detweiler an old stuffed toy Danny O'Day doll and asked him to work his magic to create a "pro" style puppet for Austin.

As you know, Clinton is the best in the business at modifying the Goldberger dolls, and he certainly did not disappoint with Danny!

He added beautiful blue moving eyes, raising eyebrows, hollow body, headstick and wig to Danny.

I also asked Clinton to repaint Danny to give him a more professional look. The paint job is amazing! Great blending of the colors on Danny's face. He even added eyelashes. The hand painted face really makes the puppet look more like the real Danny O'Day.

As a nice extra, Clinton also repainted the hands on the dummy.

I picked up the clothing (the tie, shirt and vest) as a set at the local Kid's R' Us store.

Needless to say (and as is evident by the picture you see) Austin is thrilled with his new friend.

We'll see where he goes with his interest in ventriloquism, now that he has this great puppet to work with. He's already been looking in some of my old joke books for material.

I'll keep you posted!

Thanks Clinton.

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