Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Advice from Professional Vent Ken Groves


A Note to the Client:

When you hire an entertainer, your image and maybe your job is on the line. I want to make you look good. These five things will make you look great!

1. Hire Professional Entertainers
Professional entertainers use contracts to protect you and them. Professional entertainment increases your attendance. Increased attendance pays for the professional entertainer. Entertainment should be the "icing on the cake" of a great event.

2. Entertainer is not a Babysitter
Nothing will ruin your event quicker than having the kids come down front so they can see. Please keep families together and the show will be a success. Set the room up correctly and everyone will be able to see the entertainer.

3. Set up the Room for a Great Show
You must take control of this and have the room set up correctly. The hotel/convention center will have no clue how to do this.

The audience must be able to SEE the entertainer. Never put tables behind an entertainer. Never leave an open dance floor or buffet tables in front of an entertainer. If you have to have a dance floor in front of an entertainer, please put chairs on it and then remove the chairs for dancing.

The audience must be able to see the entertainer. The audience must be able to hear the entertainer. This is very different from a band.

4. Introduce the Show
It's your job to get the audience's attention and get them all to focus on the show area.

DO NOT give the audience a restroom break before the show, many people will leave, making you look bad. All you have to do is get their attention. WAIT for the chatter to subside ... thank them for coming out to the event. Now just read the introduction provided by the entertainer. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

5. Know What the Entertainer Needs
Have a spot for the entertainer to park so they are not schlepping equipment from two blocks away in the rain. Make sure of: time, date, day, location and directions, show length, dollar amount, type of payment. Be crystal clear on all of this so there is no reason for panic on your big day.

Have a place for the entertainer to change in and get ready for show -- not a public restroom. The entertainment can make you money. People only remember the food and the entertainment. Have a great show!

I send this out to the people I contract with for a show. It really helps most of the time. Feel free to improve on it. **********************************************************************************
This information is also included in Ken's great teaching course: "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" program. You can find out all of the details here: