Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maher Studios Workshop Pro Figures - 30 Years Ago

I received my first set of Maher Studios Workshop figure catalogs around 1979. At the time, CJ (Craig) Lovik was the Director and creator of the professional figures offered by Maher Studios. His workshop was in California. I can recall spending hours looking over these catalogs and reading the descriptions of each dummy.

I thought you might like to see the catalogs and the available characters at that time...both the "composition" and basswood offerings.

Both complete catalogs are shown here...and check out the price list at the end! Wow!

I purchased an "Archie" figure and still have one to this day.

And NO, Maher Workshop is no longer in business. Don't call the number!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those catalog pages.
My first carved figure was from the Maher Workshop in '80, I can't remember now if he was an "Archie" or a "Hank", I think he was a "Hank" model. I don't still have him, wish I did. I do still have the cancelled check and receipt saved somewhere, but even without those I remember paying the prices shown.
Anyway, that was anjoyable - thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the brochure post. My late wife and I purchased a Basswood Clementine and never saved the advertisement. We ordered and paid for her in late 1979 and Mr. Lovik sent a letter indicating that would be his last carved figure and charged an additional two hundred dollars because he did not have a body ( plaster molded) ready and would need to craft one. We gladly paid it in our excitement for this "professional" figure. She sits today in a museum as a reminder of tools in the hands of a master can bring life. My wife shared many hours of entertaining Evangelism thru the work of that "dummy". More than our money's worth. Thanks again for the copy.

Anonymous said...

Lee; I bought Archie may of 1978. still have him, and love him dearly. although his hair do is outdated. but a hat solves that problem. I also have a knocklehead from the early 1960s. a 24 inch with just a pull string, and no head movement.
thanks for the memories.
Jody Priest