Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pavlov's Puppets - Any Good?

Lee and Dr. Noah Tall
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I just received a new puppet Saturday. It's made by a fairly new company selling in the U.S. called Pavlov's Puppets.

They are made by hand in the Czech Republic by Ivan and Maria Pavlov.

The puppet I received is an Einstein character that is listed in their website catalog as "Einstain."

I call him Dr. Noah Tall. Think about it.

I have had an idea for this type of character for a long time, so I knew right away I wanted this puppet when I saw it.

The quality is excellent. The puppets from Pavlov's are all hand made. Sculpted in foam and covered with a fleece material and then hand painted.

They are very lightweight and easy to use, There is a unique "knob" inside the head above the upper mouth that your hand rests comfortably on, and an elastic strap inside on the lower mouth to slip your thumb into. This gives the performer a very solid hold on the puppet and makes the mouth a joy to work.

As many of you know, I'm 6' 9" tall and have fairly large hands. My hand fits easily and comfortably into the puppet.

They make a large variety of characters - people, birds, animals.

I'm from the old school and have generally always performed with hard figures. I'm sure I've changed my mind to a degree now and will also be using this very nice Pavlov's soft puppet in my show from now on.

These are professional puppets all the way, and priced extremely competitively for a puppet of this quality.

Visit their website at


WANLU said...

Wow!!! That's a very nice puppet :)

I'd love to see you performing with this puppet in the future Lee, perhaps if I'll be lucky this year to attend the ConVention.

More power.


Anonymous said...

Of course the puppets work well in the big hands of tall ventriloquists. I visited the Pavlovs a few years ago and we talked about the special features ventriloquists like in their puppets...
Ivan and Maria are very pleasant and reliable people, artists and masters of their craft.